Here’s me in 30 seconds: small town Ohio girl, borderline overachiever, always been a dreamer, moved to the west coast in 2009.

As far as my skills, I am an expert at organizational skills and managed a corporate office before realizing I am a free spirit! Presently, I own my own nutrition company, and travel and write for a living. Now my resume includes off-grid living, green sand beaches, and active volcanoes. Every belief I share with you, I actually live in my own life—it’s not just for the reads.


OK, now for the quirky, fun details!

  • I am a BIG kid at heart who loves to be silly.

  • I am a lover of all beings — people, plants, pesky insects, and animals.

  • I am a self-proclaimed nerd who was once on a competitive writing team and is a bookworm (even including instruction manuals!).

  • I think I’ve turned into a mermaid...

  • I’ve danced in every country I’ve been in.

  • I can make a costume out of anything in my closet.

  • Deep down, I am a big city girl.

  • I have quite a sweet tooth and rarely skip dessert.

  • I have been a vegetarian since 2014, and decided to go 100% vegan in 2017.

  • I own my own company that provides people with the purest, most healthy food-based supplements.

This photo was taken the first moment I laid eyes on the Eiffel Tower. Seeing Paris had been my lifelong dream and the Eiffel Tower was the beautifully lit symbol of my dreams coming true. To be honest with you, it hit me so hard in that moment that I cried tears of joy. (And when I made it to Paris a second time, I cried again at the sight of the Eiffel Tower. Having your dream come true once is pure magic, and twice is surreal.)

So, I encourage you to have a dream and allow it to come to you. When you do, it will create magic to empower you beyond measure.

Recent and Upcoming Adventures

May - September 2018:
Arizona / California / Vietnam / Indonesia

October 2018 - April 2019:
Indonesia / Singapore / Taiwan / Philippines / Arizona

May - September 2019:
California / France / Turkey / Bulgaria / Romania / Greece / France / Arizona

August 2017:
U.K. / Ireland / Ohio / Illinois / Iowa / Minnesota / South Dakota

September 2017:
Wyoming / Montana / Idaho / Washington / Oregon

October 2017 - April 2018:
California / Arizona / Utah

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